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7 hours Terezín, former concentration camp Private Tour by car

I will pick you up with a professional driver at 9 am in a lobby of the hotel you are located in. It takes approximately an hour to reach Terezín town from Prague. Entrance fee is included in the tour. Our first visit will be a Small Fortress and the National Cemetery,set up shortly after the country´s liberation in 1945. Then we will visit Museum Ghetto, Jewish Prayer Room and Magdeburg Barracks. After the tour we will have delicious Czech meal in a local small restaurant you will enjoy.

Terezín is a town of suffering and hope. Town you will not find elsewhere in the world. It is a town whose perfectly symmetrical town walls and geometrically exact streets and squares hide immense human suffering. It was originally built to become a proud and impregnable fortress surrounded by walls and protected by a sophisticated system of flood trenches. Built in 11 years at the end of the 18th century this fortress, whose first cornerstone was laid by Emperor Joseph II, and the city carrying the name of his mother Empress Maria Theresa,never protected anything from anyone in the end. Terezín was determined to become a huge jail. It first became a jail as early as in the mid-19th century. Its most famous prisoner was Gavrilo Princip, who fired the first shot in Sarajevo and started the First World War before being brought here in 1914. However, the fate of this town was fulfilled during the Second World War. In 1940 the Small Fortress of Terezín became a prison of the Prague Gestapo, to which especially political prisoners were sent. Only one year later the whole town was turned into a collective and pass-through camp for Jews.The town inhabitants were removed so that there was enough space for the race that was determined for elimination.Thus, a huge ghetto was created and became “a display window” for Hitler´s propaganda from time to time.This was the place where the Nazis brought delegations and showed how humanely they treated prisoners and how well the prisoners were. However, immediately after the delegation left, the terror of ghetto life broke out again. Yes there were schools, newspapers were published, concerts were organised, theatre performances were played…But this all was not a result of the enthusiasm of the interned, it was just proof of their endless human resistence and moral power. Terezín was a transfer station leading to extermination concentration camps.Today, Terezín is a huge monument with places of reverence, cemeteries, expositions and museums visited by crowds of tourists from all over the world. Yes it is still a living town, a home for people who live, love and enjoy themselves.The unbroken spirit of those who did not give up still survives here. You will feel it as soon as you pass though the gate of the Small Fortress or enter the typical barracks of the Terezín ghetto…Terezín is a simply a town where deep reverence and respect are connected with lively present times.It is a town of hope, where if we do not forget, we will deserve better lives.

Price per person: 195 EUR
Minimum number of people for booking is 2 persons.

price per person 195 EUR
Duration 6 hours