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My name is Eva Adamová. I am a professional & licensed guide of Prague and the other towns of the Czech Republic. 
I am informative, energetic, responsive to questions and interesting. Added to all these assets, I am charming and always make the tour fun, because I want people to enjoy Prague as much as they can. I want them to benefit from my knowledge and skill as a tour guide. I am jovial & friendly. I am punctual about timing & very honest. I am an expert on the history of the various sites we visit and always point out the most unusual parts that  the clients would not have spotted on their own. I move at the pace the clients are most comfortable with. Treat yourself by hiring Eva Prague Tours to guide you through Prague & the other towns of the Czech Republic! 
Looking forward to meet you in person:-)


e-mail: touristguideofprague@gmail.com

Phone: +420 608 251 421

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Eva Adamová
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