4 hours Jewish Quarter Private Tour by foot

4 hours Jewish Quarter Private Tour by foot

Five synagogues, a Jewish Town Hall, magical old cemetery and the unique genius loci make Josefov in Prague a place which you should certainly not leave out when you are wandering around the “Golden City” of Prague.

You learn insight and history of Jews in Prague. You leave with a broader and deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture, religion and history.

Get to grips with the Jewish history of Prague on this informative walking tour led by an expert guide.
This walking tour takes 4 hours. I pick you up in a lobby of the hotel you are staying in. We might take public transportation to reach former Jewish ghetto. Price per ticket is 24 Czech Crowns (1 EUR).

Josefov in Prague is one of the most valuable Jewish sites in the world.
The quiet and melancholy atmosphere of the Old Jewish Cemetery from 1439 A. D. leaves an incredelible impression.
In the Pinkas synagogue, now a monument to victims of the Holocaust, the walls are hand-painted with the names of Czech and Moravian Jews who perished in the Second World War.
We are going to see all the synagogues, including an ortodox Old-New Synagogue. It is the oldest preserved synagogue in Europe from 1270 A. D. Oldest synagogue in the world outside of Izrael. Still serves as a house of prayers.

Important: In the price it is not included addmission to the Jewish Cemetery and the Synagogues. It costs 32 EUR per person. 26 EUR per student. It is possible to pay by credit card.

one person
1 - 2 persons 187 EUR
3 - 6 persons 245 EUR
7 - 10 persons 326 EUR
11 - 15 persons 489 EUR
duration 4 hours