Prague tours

4 hours Family Private Tour by walk

You can book this tour from 1st of April till October 31st. This tour is suitable for the ones who like to surprice and treat well his/her family to go on a Family Private Tour of Prague by public transport and walk during 4 hours.

I will pick you up at 9 am in a lobby of the hotel you are staying in. This tour is provided by public transport and foot. It takes 4 hours.

This tour includes:


  • Royal Garden of Prague Castle Complex
  • Letná Park with lovely garden and stunning views over the Vltava river
  • Metronom where used to stand huge sculpture of Stalin from 1955 till 1962
  • Hanavský Pavilion in neo Baroque style from 1891
  • Letná Beer Garden with arguably the best view of Prague – green, leafy oasis perfect for enjoying a beer in nice weather. Located directly across from Letna Chateu.
Duration 4 hours

Booking form

1-3 person 198 EUR
4-6 person 250 EUR