Christmas tours

12 hours Nuremberg at Christmas Private tour by car

This tour takes 12 hours. It is provided by A/C private car or minivan. It takes 3.5 hours to reach Nuremberg town from Prague by car. Bottled water will be available in the car for you free of charge.

I and the professional driver will pick you up in a lobby of the hotel you are staying in at 6 am.

Let yourself be enchanted by the special and festive atmosphere of the city. With its hundreds of years of history, the traditional market has to offer many things to do and enjoy. Mmmhh that smells tasty! Nuremberg sausages:-) Everywhere at the market you will find many booths selling the famous small Nuremberg sausages (3 in a roll) to go. The famous Lebkuchen (famous Nuremberg gingerbread) is baked for more than 600 years in Nuremberg. At the Christmas Market you will get them in every size and with different coatings like chocolate, sugar or even strawberry! Furthermore they are the perfect souvenirs for the loved ones at home, packed in beautiful tin boxes. Traditional hand craft products are an essential part of the articles sold at the Christmas Market like Christmas tree decorations made from wood or glass along with the famous Nuremberg “Rauschgoldengel” (gold-foil angel). An unforgettable experience for everyone is the magical Children’s Christmas Market with a nostalgic merry-go-round, a Christmas bakery, a Santa Clause house and much more. When it is cold outside, a hot mulled wine will warm you again after your stroll around the Christmas Market. It comes along in a beautiful mug, which is designed especially for every year. It will be the perfect souvenir for your kitchen cupboard at home!
Price per person is 345 EUR. 
Minimum number of people for booking is 2 persons.
Price per person 345 EUR
Duration 12 hours